Viking Plait Bangle - Hand-plaited Sterling Silver Bangle

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Hand-plaited Sterling Silver Wire
Burge Style Finals
Flexible comfort
Chain diameter approx. 6 mm
Specify Wrist Size

Each item is individually handcrafted and takes approximately 5 to 7 days to create.

Free Domestic Shipping within the USA.

Specify Wrist/Arm size: 
Please use a flexible tape measure and wrap it snugly around the wrist or arm area where the piece is to be worn. 
Please, do not measure loosely, add anything to this circumference or measure other bracelets. 
If you prefer an extra loose fit, you can specify so in your order notes, but we really need the total snug circumference of the arm or wrist, 
where the piece is to be worn, in order to size the bracelet properly!
Please measure accurately, we can not be liable for inaccurate measurements!

All Bracelets, Bangles and Wrist Torcs are individually hand-forged and will vary slightly from the photos shown.