My First Book of Runes - The Younger Futhark for Asatru Kids

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My First Book of Runes - Younger Futhark is for children who are Asatru Heathen  Pagan Odinist and anyone who wonders about the ways of the Northern People.  
A large Rune, the name and pronunciation are on one page and the page opposite has the meaning of the Rune's name as well as a picture that illustrates it.  
What are the RUNES? 
The word Rune, means “Secret/Magical Language.” 
The Runes are the common language of the Germanic tribes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. They are both a written language as well as sacred symbols that hold magical power.

This is the first in a series of books for children titled: My First Book of Runes.  
Huginn & Muninn Publishing also has a Baby's First Runes series that only has Runes if you have a very little one.