Baby's First Book of Runes - The Elder Futhark for Asatru Kids

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The first book Huginn & Muninn Publishing released.

In honour of her first child's birth Carrie Overton created this book to familiarise her children with the Elder Futhark Runes from the very beginning. 

With bright colors and bold Runes, your 
child will learn how to pronounce and identify  
the Runes.  
Each page has one large Rune as well as the 
name and pronunciation so you and your  
children can read this simple and fun book 
again and again. 
What are the RUNES? 
The word Rune, means “Secret/Magical Language.” 
The Runes are the common language of the Germanic tribes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. They are both a written language as well as sacred symbols that hold magical power.


This book is for babies, it relies on simple graphics and colors. If you are interested in a book for toddlers and older children please check out H&M's title: My First Book of Runes : Younger Futhark or The ABC of the Runes : Elder Futhark