Shipping and FAQs

Processing Info:

The processing time varies based on the crafter/manufacturer but usually takes from 3 - 10 days.. Keep in mind handcrafted items may take longer. 

After processing your products will be shipped.

Shipping Info:

1) Free Shipping - Some products have free shipping. If you only order these products you will pay nothing in shipping. The shipping times for free shipping depend on your location and how busy the postal service is. Shipping time may take 7 -90 days. These products may be subject to Customs upon arrival we have adjusted the price of the items to be lower to account for this possibility. 

 2) Standard Shipping - Price differs per product based on the manufacturer or crafter. Standard shipping is available for all items that do not have Free Shipping. Items should take between 7 - 14 days to arrive once shipped.

3) Expedited Shipping - Is available on some items. Expedited shipping usually takes 3 - 7 days. 

4) International Shipping - We don't currently ship internationally. We apologise for this inconvenience please check back with us soon as we will be adding international shipping in the near future. 


Returns will be accepted for certain items. Most handcrafted items cannot be returned as they are handmade just for you but if the item is defective or damaged we will work with the crafter to get you a replacement or refund. Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

Want to List your Items?

Absolutely! Are you Asatru? Do you make your own stuff? We are looking for Folk to contribute to this project. Please send us a message through our contact page to find out all the details. 


Why does it take so long to receive the free shipping items? 

Our manufacturers require this amount of time for production and shipment. We know it seems like a long time and this is why we have chosen to make shipping free for these items. Hopefully it will make the wait worth it for you. 


Where is my stuff?

If you ordered the Free Shipping items they may take awhile to arrive as stated above. If your item was sent by Standard or Expedited Shipping and has not arrived within the shipping window remember processing time as well. All items are made when you order them. Therefore the shipping time is an estimate. If you have not received your item and you are concerned about it please reach out to us and we will make sure your item is on its way to you.


What do I do if my package does not arrive? 

Contact us at the end of the shipping period with your tracking number and we will make sure you get a new one sent to you.


My item arrived damaged or defective. What can I do? 

Email us immediately with pictures of the damage/defect for either a replacement or refund. 


Who creates the items in your shop?

All products are created by Asatru Folks! The handcrafted items are made entirely by a fellow Heathen. Books and other decor are the inspired designs by Heathens but are produced by various manufacturers. It is our great hope that in the future we will be manufacturing these items ourselves as well.  By supporting our shop you are supporting Asatru crafters & families. If we support each other our community prospers. 


Do you have a question? 

Use our contact form to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!