The Pocket Havamal Book Asatru Odinist Heathen Words of Odin Benjamin Thorpe Translation

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The Original Pocket Havamal Book for Asatru Odinist Heathen & Pagan folk. 

Have you ever been out talking with someone and knew there was a perfect Havamal quote for the situation but you just couldn't remember it exactly?  
Ever been inspired out in nature and felt the urge to read the words of Odin?

If so, the Pocket Havamal is for you!  

What is the Havamal?

A book of Wisdom said to be the words of Odin the most revered god of the Indo-European groups known as Germanic people, Scandinavian people and Vikings.

This Pocket Sized book includes the entire Benjamin Thorpe translation of the Havamal The Sayings of the High One.  
*This is the 2nd edition of the Amazon Best Seller, with a brand new design and completely reformatted interior.  
**Note: This is a SMALL paperback book that fits in your pocket for easy take along use. If you would like a larger version we have several available in our shop.