Heathen Heart

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Alessandro Revan's groundbreaking book on European Heathen values and virtues now completely edited and released through Huginn & Muninn Publishing the foremost Asatru and Odinist publisher.

Lovingly researched and philosophically provocative this book is necessary to have on every Heathen's book shelf. Dealing with topics such as the morality of the European Heathen spirit, Drengskapr (the quest for the ideal self), the Nine Noble Virtues, what makes European Heathenry different from Monotheistic Abrahamic religions, and how to live in accordance with nature.

This book does all the work in searching through the Sagas and other historical sources to bring out the wisdom of what our ancestors thought about issues of morality and right action.

Revan offers practical advice on how to create and sustain community in a world that is very divisive. If you are a Heathen, Odinist, Pagan or Asatru, Heathen Heart is truly worth a read.